About our company

About our company


SJ Finanzmann is a finance consultancy with offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria (RC 1303478) with a history of prompt delivery on a variety of projects.

We are a dynamic group with an increasing presence in major emerging markets in Africa and Asia.  Our portfolio extends into healthcare, property, oil & gas, agriculture, technology and financial instruments.

We spearhead lucrative projects in emerging markets and in Europe, our mode of operation is to establish strategic partnerships to the benefit of our short and long term portfolios.  Our clients benefit from our broad network of contacts and transparency.  We value relationships, and undoubtedly understand how important a role it plays when structuring complex projects and proposals.

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SJ Finanzmann offers clients a wide array of services.  We recognize that the best run organizations make decisions with representation from key areas including finance, operations, compliance, risk, technology, trading and marketing. We form our points of view in the same way. Diversified experience and backgrounds help us approach each client with a unique perspective.

At SJ Finanzmann we provide investors with unique emerging markets investment opportunities.  Our investment consultants do in-depth work on formulating our clients’ investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals.

We actively support our clients through the life time of their projects thereby establishing good and sound business practices and relationships.


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